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The Matter Digest is:


Do you enjoy participating in-person?

Come to an event!

Bring food, music to share, help set up a table.

Depending on the event there will be a variety of things to do.

Do you attend community events and meetings and want to share what you learn?

Would you like to submit an illustration or point out some news for us to illustrate?

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Behind the Screens

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don't I look HAPPY?

The Matter Digest was created as an outlet to start conversations with others, to widen our perspectives, which may widen our networks, build community and mutual understanding. 

In getting there it requires being on the same webpage, book page, room, or table.

It's hard to build your community ties in isolation!

In order to start a conversation we need an audience, and currently, many diverse audiences exist in social media, in print, and in places that require transportation. In order to have these conversations with each other, we must maintain our presence in modes that require resources.

Thus, we are here - in this pixelated landscape, speaking to you from a tender place of asking. Do you have the ability to support this platform?